At KINETiQ DIGITAL, we are about intelligent digital action. Our experienced team delivers custom development, mobile and ecommerce solutions, digital and content marketing, user experience and creative design. We stay current in the space to understand what's possible and understand the needs of your specific industry to help you stand apart. With full transparency and accountability, we'll work with you to build, launch, and measure a complete digital solution for your business.


To launch and grow your business, you need to reach customers. And today, you need tech to do it. We help you think through websites and apps, marketplaces and monetization, to determine the best approach for your business. Then we build what you need to succeed. From strategy through implementation, we deliver innovative digital execution that puts the right content on the right platforms for your audience.


Mobile is everywhere, and if your business isn’t optimized for it, you could be left behind. We provide expert advice to help get your mobile strategy on track and then build or enhance a mobile solution to keep you growing. Our mobile experts develop and deliver mobile apps, mobile websites, monetization solutions, advanced analytics, and continuous integration, to ensure mobile makes an impact on your business.


We focus on the paid, owned, and earned media (POEM) ecosystem to create a balanced, strategic approach that aligns with your goals, maximizes your budget, and can be measured for success. Our digital assessment explores your current practices and competitive landscape to identify opportunities. With transparency and accountability, we help you achieve your goals whether you’re new to digital or have years of experience.


We help you create the right experience for the audience you need to reach. We consider their digital behavior from the type of device they use, to the time of day they visit, to the path they take to get to you. We use that context to understand their needs and help you deliver compelling, relevant content to your customers when, where, and how they want it, with responsive design that adapts to any screen.


We help you create a smart, relevant conversation with your customers to create value and bring them back. With our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) approach, you use what you know about your customers – their interactions, their history, and the data they share – to stay relevant and encourage repeat business. With our help, you will understand opportunities and be able to act on them at the right time.