Open Letter from Nathan Carmon, CEO

KINETiQ DIGITAL + Robots and Pencils: Becoming the innovator of choice


We created KINETiQ DIGITAL because we believed that the future of digital and marketing was the convergence of social, AI, big data, cloud, bots and community with mobile as the central hub. We saw the immense opportunity to amalgamate these technologies to transform the way we live and work.

Over the past two years, KINETiQ DIGITAL has grown steadily into a mobile-first, data-driven digital agency with significant momentum, strong talent, and the ability to solve difficult business challenges through integrated digital solutions. We have provided the transparency and accountability that our clients found lacking in the market along with strategic thinking and technological expertise to drive business impact.  We have built innovative new apps and helped clients transform their digital experiences with a focus on mobile first.  We are proud of this team and the growth that has positioned us for this next step.

As we looked to the future, it became obvious that to accelerate our growth and continue to be a world-class, strategic partner to our clients, we had to expand the breadth and depth of our expertise. This led us to Robots and Pencils.


Today we are thrilled to announce that we are merging with Robots and Pencils, a leading mobile strategy and development firm widely known for creating top-ranking and transformative products and solutions for consumers, enterprises, and educators. Since their inception in 2009, they’ve consistently helped to establish and reinforce their clients as technology leaders, and are often among the first to apply, commercialize and operationalize frontier technology to future proof organizations. 

The combination allows us to scale quickly; add some “wicked smart” mobile, creative, full stack, and machine learning/bot/CUI talent to our team; and accelerate our ability to design and build transformative user experiences.


Together, we’re not only expanding the capabilities that we can provide our clients, but also making more strategic investments to better support them.

Together, we’ll be positioning Robots and Pencils to be the innovator of choice when it comes to leveraging frontier technology.

In short: We’ll be a better, stronger version of KINETiQ DIGITAL, known as Robots and Pencils going forward.

To quote our chairman, Len Pagon:

“A great company is one that is doing something different, that has built a different brand, that has deep technology expertise and has a core of talented employees.”